Order in Chaos…


Welcome to my Instructional Design ePortfolio.  I developed this site as a way of developing my feel, my brand, my connection with the instructional design world.

Chaotic Designs Instructional Solutions is a multi-faceted training and coaching idea developed around creating  and offering programs  meant to influence change in people and organizations, both in through changing attitudes, tasks, viewpoints and actions in an effort to make them better.

Chaotic Designs Instructional Solutions – No matter which direction your training needs take you, we will bring order from the chaos.

I see my role in instructional solutions as that of bringing a semblance of order to the chaos of learning.  Whether it’s instructional design for a companies training program, coaching for a companies leadership or training employees on new procedures, my focus is an all encompassing holistic approach to effective training programs, providing the full spectrum of  design and development as well as providing coaching and training for employees on a myriad of programs.

Currently  I am an Assistant Professor at the U.S. Army’s Command and General Staff College working with both military doctrine and military history curriculum in a graduate level environment that uses a hybrid classroom/online approach to learning.  I have a Graduate Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology.

My experience teaching and instructing adult students is highly engaging and rewarding.  This challenging environment creates an ever-evolving need to keep my knowledge and expertise fresh.  While my education background focused more research and critical thinking, my recent education in Instructional Design and Technology as well as my training as a corporate coach and trainer allows me to focus on the evolution educational art and Instructional design.

I believe this ePortfolio is a great way for prospective clients to understand how Chaotic Designs can be a benefit to their organizations through training, coaching and training development.




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